Hey, I’m Shrikar Archak

I’m a Machine Learning engineer by the day and IndieHacker by night/weekend. I am an avid learner who loves to dabble with a lot of technologies and would love to share what I have learnt along the way.

Building side projects and working on problems is something I have been passionate about my whole life. And Currently I am focusing on building audience, how to bootstrap side projects which are beyond hobby projects. Most of the content on the blog going forward will be about this topic and if you like to follow along my journey don't forget to subscribe or follow me on Twitter.

Here are a couple of goals that I intend to achieve by end of 2022.

  • Build audience with at least 5k subscribers
  • Write a book that makes at least $5k
  • Learn SEO and scale this blog to 20k views per month
  • Work on Ideapeach and get at least 100 customers to use it

With the above goals in mind going forward the blog will focus mainly on Machine learning, Data Pipelines, SEO and IndieHacking.

Side Projects



A Simple Slack application to resize images for all social media platforms



Digital Marketers Toolkit: Keyword Research, Finding query intent and categories.



Recruiting with a Twist. Find ideal candidates based on their public github profile

Shrikar Archak


IndieHacker and Software Developer. Getting started to build in public.Tweet me @shrikar84 for any collaboration opportunity or brainstorming.


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